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Tribe-O Koraput Coffee is unique for being semi-wild, growing in the forests of Koraput. It is Arabica SL8 and 9.

  • Origin:- Koraput, Odisha.
  • Roast Type:- Filter Roast.
  • Tasting Notes:- Gooseberry, Cacao and Black Tea.
  • How to Brew:- The Brew Guide.
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Tribe-O Project is a social enterprise dedicated to improving the livelihood of tribal coffee farmers in India and placing Indian coffee on the globe’s specialty coffee map.
Tribe-O Koraput Coffee is unique for being semi-wild, growing in the forests of Koraput, Odisha at 1000 MSL, instead of well-organized estates or plots of land. It is Arabica SL8 and 9. Grown in the forested hills of Koraput, where the tribal farmers don’t own the forest land but have permission to harvest the coffee cherries from it.
Their daily lives are not easy at all. Their days start with prepping meals to carry along for cherry-picking; up a steep climb. The forests where the coffee plants grow are dense and the plants grow far apart from another in the natural foliage. This makes it challenging to pick the ripe coffee cherries. Each tribal coffee farmer can barely manage to pick 10-12 kgs of coffee cherries in a day. The process is slow and laborious with lunch being the only break during the day of picking, which starts around 10:00 AM and ends with the sunset at 6:00 PM. Tribe-O Koraput Coffee farming is an agricultural activity carried out mostly by the women in the tribal villages of Koraput.

We at proud to be a part of Tribe-o project’s journey to make coffee farming more commercially relevant to the indigenous peoples of Koraput, while retaining their age-old tradition of living in harmony with nature.


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