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This Honey Sundried micro lot was created by Nandan Gowda who is also a 7th generation coffee farmer from Thogarihunkle estate,Chikmanglore of Karnatka India.

  • Origin:- Chikmaglur.
  • Roast Type:- Filter Roast.
  • Tasting Notes:- Sweet lime, Orange and Cocoa.
  • Recommended for:- Pour Over, Aeropress and French press
  • How to Brew:- The Brew Guide
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This honey sundried micro lot was created by reowned coffee producer, Nandan gowda who is also a 7th generation coffee farmer from thogarihunkle estate. His coffee is grown, processed and dried atop the picturesque baba budan giria range, above the town of chikmanglore of karnatka india. In addition to undertaking experimental processing, Gilberto also grows exotic and rare varietals at his farm for the purpose of experimentation and conservation. during this particular process , coffee is dried with some or all of the mucilage remaining on the parchment encasing the seed. Coffee cherries are picked, sorted, depulped, and then moved to drying patios or beds for various periods of time.

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  1. Nischala

    Amazing taste for coffee lovers !!! Must try !!

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