Cascara(Thogarihunkal Estate)


The most talked about byproduct of coffee cherry in recent times, Cascara(coffee cherry tea) is the dried skin of coffee cherries which you can brew as you would any other speciality tea. Its an uper layer of coffee cherry which is pulped, dried and then packed.You can brew it hot(like green tea) or cold (like cold brew coffee). Back in days cascara was used widely as a herbal drink and has lots of health benefit (higher in antioxedent and vitamins). We take pride for introducing this to india last year.


Thogarihunkle Estate

Roast Type

Sun Dried

Taste Notes

Green Apple, Honey, Tamrind

How to Brew

1. Hot - 20gm, 250ml. 4 mins

2. Cold 20gm, 250ml, 14 hours

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