Carbonic Maceration(Harley Estate)

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One of our recent partners at origin, harley estate has developed an experimental ‘carbonic maceration’ process in which they improve the quality of coffee by fermenting whole coffee cherry and shade drying which results in candid tangerine and dark cocoa tasting notes with medium body.


Harley Estate

Roast Type


Taste Notes

Candid Tangerine, Dark Cacao

How To Brew

1. Pour over 18gm, 220ml , 3 mins.

2. Aero press 20gm, 200ml, 1.3 mins

3. French press 20gm, 250ml. 3 mins

The Brew Guide

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Grind Size

Aeropress, Channi, Cold Brew, Commercial Espresso, French Press, Home Espresso, Inverted Aeropress, Moka Pot, Pour Over, Whole Beans


250gms, 500gms

3 reviews for Carbonic Maceration(Harley Estate)

  1. Naani

    Such a wonderful coffee I ever had

  2. Naresh

    Wonderful coffee I ever had

  3. Bhanu

    Such a beautiful experience in this coffe

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