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Cold Brew

Cold Brew

The blend of honey sun dried and washed coffee is a popular pick at Roastery Coffee house. Cold Brew coffee is naturally smooth and sweet and less acidic than coffee brewed with hot water. Roastery cold brew technique is a simple way to make 1ltr of cold brew coffee at home without using any equipment’s. This batch should keep you buzzing for days because of longer shelf life.


What you need

  1. 100 gm Cold brew blend powder
  2. 1 ltr room temperature water
  3. Airtight Empty bottle (glass or steel)
  4. Cheese cloth

 Step 1

Take 100gm cold brew powder in airtight bottle, pour 200 ml room temperature water and shake the bottle.

Step 2

Wait for few seconds for degassing, pour rest of the 800ml water and airtight the bottle

Step 3

Refrigerate the bottle for 14 hours, take out the bottle and shake well

Step 4

Filter the brew using cheese cloth ensuring you don’t squeeze the brew at the end and your cold brew is ready to drink.

Step 5

At roastery we serve cold brew in wine glass with few ice cubes. We believe cold brew should be treated like wine in brewing as well as in drinking.  Swirl and drink.