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Aero Press

Aero Press

The portable and lightweight Aeropress brews a sweet, full-bodied cup wherever you are: at home, camping or on a road trip. This particular method has multiple usage, you can brew cold brew, iced aeropress and even home style espresso.


What you need

  1. AeroPress brewer
  2. AeroPress filter
  3. Grinder
  4. 2 and half spoon of AeroPress Scoop of coffee beans
  5. Hot water just off the boil (about 90 degree)
  6. AeroPress paddle or spoon
  7. Timer
  8. Mug

Step 1

Measure and grind 20g of coffee — two and half rounded AeroPress spoonful. Grind the coffee about as fine as table salt.

Step 2

Get the AeroPress ready to brew by placing 2 filter in the basket. Next, preheat the brewer and rinse the filter with hot water. This gets rid of any paper flavor and warms everything up. Heat up your mug with hot water while you’re at it.

Step 3

Discard the rinse water from your mug. Affix the basket to the bottom of the brew chamber and place it on top of the mug. If it’s handy, use the funnel (or coffee loader) that comes with the AeroPress to add grounded coffee. Then, remove the funnel.

Step 4

Heat the water to 90 degree. First pour 50 ml water to the aeropress and stir well, allow it to bloom and degassing. Wait for 3o secs. Pour to the No. 4 or rest 170 ml water and wait for 1.3 secs. Spin the chamber, making sure all the coffee is saturated.

Step 5

Place the basket and then cup on the brew chamber side and invert the aeropress.

Step 6

Start plunging and finish it in 20 to 30 secs and its ready to drink.

 The AeroPress is easy to clean. Simply take off the basket and pop out the coffee grounds and filter. Clean the rubber plunger with hot kettle water and you’re ready for your next brew.