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Opened in July 2017, Hyderabad Roastery was our first cafe build completely based on coffee roasting experience. A cafe which started with 20 seats has now grown to 120. This 40-year-old bungalow has all the world charm which is now converted to backyard café. The place is quite popular among the coffee drinkers of Hyderabad as they love sipping their favourite coffee amongst the nature. This place is also the house of 10k plants which is been planted over the period of 3 years to make this more earthy and natural just like our coffee.

It is the first café we started our coffee journey from hence its quite special to us. Also, all the coffee is roasted here in Giesen and then shipped across India.

Roasting unit in Hyderabad

Each bean’s unique flavors are brought out—or lost—during the roasting process. Hence Roasting is the most crucial yet most intriguing process for us. We roast all our coffee in Giesen roaster in Hyderabad. Our coffee is roasted thrice a week and goes through our standard benchmarks for consistent roasts. The roasted coffees are shipped from Hyderabad roastery to worldwide. We believe in transparency and hence welcome all guest to be a part of our roasting process and share insights. We roast every Monday Wednesday & Friday and look forward to having all of you here and roasting together.

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